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Leading actor:

the paper

Since 1995 the Papiertheater has been exploring the visual, tonal and theatrical possibilities of the material. A large sheet of paper is stretched out and stands between the audience and the actors; a canvas which gets painted and projected onto, from which holes and windows are cut and torn, from which folded and kinked forms are created. The productions live through their imagery and usually come without a lot words – but with worldwide success.

In the dressing room:

the societal productions

Since 2008, the paper theater developed so-called "societal productions", leading interdisciplinary processes between visual, performing and social art. For this, a new forum has been created: www.zusammenkunst.com
The societal productions can run over years; they begin and end with an artistic intervention and follow a process-like course. Through the mirror of time, exhibitions and theatrical performances, installations in public spaces as well as projects for children and young people are created and find their expression all around the world.


the publishing house

Since 2005, Das Papiertheater has been running "VERLAG VERLESENE BÜCHER" (Selected book publisher). Each book is unique; the graphic consists of handmade book pages. The topics are based on the actions of the respective (social) productions, with the book publications complementing the entire work.
Reduced aesthetics are the basis of all projects of the paper theater.